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We sell our products either, on the domestic market and the internationally. Cylinders we produce are used in numerous branches of industry, among others – agricultural machines, construction machines, mining machines, machine tools, woodworking industry machines and many other expert machines.

Customers may rely on the support from the qualified technical personnel consisting of commercial specialists and experienced engineers utilising most of up-to-date systems supporting final product manufacturing process, among others – the parametric system of Solid Edge.

To produce hydraulic cylinders we use high quality materials. Piston rods are made of steel CK45, 20MnV6 and, as standard, they are covered with a layer of hard technical chromium. Upon a customer’s request, we use double chromium coated rods, chromium and nickel coated rods, ARCOR coat (nitriding in salt baths). Our products feature the following sealings: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o., Hallite, Guarnitec, Simrit.

All the cylinders we produce are subject of detailed quality control and tightness pressure tests.

Our company’s value involves high manufacture quality, short delivery periods, adjustment to individual customer needs and low price of the products.

On 16 July2008, the company HS Lubań Sp. z.o.o received from the certifying BVQI a QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATE.
Our Quality System Certificate covers design, manufacturing and service of hydraulic cylinders.
On 16 July 2014 our company received ISO 9001:2009 certificate

HS Lubań

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